Commitment and Dedication You Can Trust!


When a member of our community is elected to office, they are entrusted to make decisions on our behalf that affect everyone’s quality of life. The elected official has a responsibility to make those decisions in a way that serves the interests of the community as a whole and not to make decisions that are self-serving or that benefit special interests.  That’s why I vigorously opposed the Mayor’s initiative to approve 485 new homes on Old Cutler Road.  I will continue to fight any and all initiatives that will add to our traffic congestion in our residential communities, threaten our sensitive environment, and diminish our quality of life.



Help Fight Back!


The Village of Palmetto Bay, long renowned as a quiet, picturesque, and environmentally responsible bedroom community is on the brink of becoming just another over-developed, traffic congested municipality in Miami-Dade County. You can help stop this. Get involved. Fight back by voting for John DuBois in the upcoming Run-Off Election on November 22nd, 2016.  
"The Mayor, developers, and lobbyists have recruited Erica Watts  run against me because I voted to stop a new development of 485 homes on Old Cutler Road. I will not be intimidated by these tactics nor should you. Help me prevent developers from destroying our quality of life."

Let’s keep our


Village green!